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Wine, Beer & Spirits

ABOUT THE CLASSES: Each of these fun and informative sessions is focused on a different aspect of wine, beer and spirits to help participants gain a solid understanding of what is available on the market and how it suits their palate. In addition to tasting that night's offerings, you'll gain a better understanding of each producer, styles and significant characteristics - all in a relaxed environment that allows for questions and feedback. A multi-course dinner is served throughout the evening.

WINE TASTING: Our wine tastings feature six select wines based on the night's theme. Participants will enjoy a four course dinner but the focus of the evening will be the wines offered.
Our wine pairing classes provide participants with a better understanding of how particular wines can enhance the flavors in different foods. In addition to tasting the selected pairings, the group will see how each of the dishes is prepared.
BEER & FOOD PAIRING: Beer, like wine, has great potential to accentuate the flavors of food if it is properly matched. Understanding the components of the beer will allow you to determine which style will best match the food.
SPIRIT TASTING: These classes allow participants a chance to explore different categories of spirits. Depending on the spirits featured, participants may be offered drinks neat or in a cocktail. As with all of these classes, dinner will be served throughout the evening.

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